Sunday, 31 May 2009

Playing with polymer clay - day 2- part 2

The afternoon of my second day at EuroClay carnival was spent with Sylvie Peraud doing her project based in in-filling colour into baked polymer clay.

Once again the clay was provided and by the time I chose it was pretty much yellow left- fate huh?

But as I knew we were potentially combining it with black I once again couldn't bring myself to use the "warning colour sheme" so made a Skinner blend with some white and brown added- which of course completely altered the yellow.

After I had baked my pieces I began to carve into them to add patterns.

I decided to in-fill my two pieces using colour theory- so one one piece I added brown to create more of an analogous colour scheme.

On the second piece I added a violet for a complementary scheme- I used a "soft" violet so it wasn't so bold.

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