Monday, 11 May 2009

Beginning with yellow

I have decided to start my colour challenge with yellow.

This I chose for a number of reasons:
- When I spoke to people about colour almost everyone said they hated it or never used it.
One person said they loved it but when I expressed surprise it turned out that actually she only like s very specific yellow and hated all others

- It's the fashion colour of the summer- and I have heard many people complain about that.
Some links about this:
Pantone fashion 2009 colour report
Vogue predict pink, yellow and blue
Yellow is the colour for 2009

- It's a colour I never use- I don't think I have ever used yellow in my work.
Mustards, oranges and even golds- yes. yellow- no

- It's a colour I almost never see used in beadwork and most people I mentioned this to said they never use it

- I hate yellow, or at least I think I do. if you asked me I would say I hate yellow but do I really or is it only a specific yellow I hate?

So hopefully you can see that if I'm going to challenge myself yellow is the place to start!

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