Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Colour sayings

After I posted with the titles "red and green should never be seen", which is the version of the saying I grew up with, I have had a couple of emails from people with the ones they know.
After much googling it seems there are lots of variations on this saying - I wonder why on earth people felt the need for them all?
Actually looking at them now they all seem to feature green- I wonder if it's just because more words rhyme with it?

But it also seems that not only are there variations on the saying, there are lots of different ending- you can mix and match to your pleasure!

Some I have found are:
Red and green should never be seen...
Blue and green should never be seen...
Pink and green should never be seen...

Some of the possible additions are:
...except on an Irish queen/ colleen
...without something inbetween
...without yellow inbetween
...except on fools and flowers (the only non-rhyming one?)

Other non-related sayinsg I found wee:
Never wear brown in town
Fawn should not be worn
Only wear yellow if you are mellow

I think the theory that these rules are just based on rhyming words does seem to fit.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Back To Beading

I first made these "Sea Urchins" when Carol Perrenoud visited the UK back in 2003 and have always meant to bead another one.

As soon as I started this colour challenge I was itching to bead one with yellow dagger beads and violet seed beads. Which of course are each others complementaries and a combination I have fallen in love with!

Unfortunately I found it hard to track down large, solid-yellow dagger beads in the UK in the quantity I needed- 135.

I did manage to find 20 small ones in a solid bright yellow and some large ones in a transparent yellow but neither were what I wanted.

But last night I raided my bead stash and found these transparent yellow small ones so thought I'd give it a go with them.

But now I've started I'm not sure.

I still used size 8 seed beads but think I should use size 11 instead so the daggers/ spikes are still the same scale as they are on the others.

But can I bear to start again?