Saturday, 21 November 2009

Black And White

I love the combination of black and white mixed with a strong colour and the addition of red is one I have used before.

Whilst away in New York I don't have access to all of my bead stash- only what I have bought since arriving here but a quick visit to a craft shops arms me with a crochet hook and some thread so bead crochet it is then!

I bought these striped beads (one of my favourites in the world) and the red ones meaning to bead some kind of spiral with them so that the red beads could stick out and spiral around- and bead crochet fits the bill.

These bracelets are quick to make- maybe 90 minutes start to finish? And are ideal to bead in front of the TV as once you've strung all the beads on it's simply a matter of crocheting.

The first one I beaded:

I then made a smaller scale piece to match:

Lastly one with green beads:

Monday, 16 November 2009

One Red Done

I have now finished one of my red projects for Bead magazine's colour special. I can't finish the next one until I get hold of a nice, strong magnetic clasp.

Then I just need to crack on with my fourth version- which will be red and green.

Red and green is a great example of a complementary colour scheme (using two colours opposite each other on a colour wheel) whilst the necklace I have finished is monochromatic (using just examples of one colour) and the unfinished one is analogous (using colours next to each other on the wheel, with this example using all the colours in the wheel.)

If you want some help coming up with a scheme then this is a great website.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Red and green should not be seen PT 2

Still working with red and this time have decided to match it with its complement- green.

This isn't usually a colour scheme I like at all- not even really at Christmas (which I really like!) so I wasn't too enthusiastic about using it.

But, as has freqently happened during this challenge, once I sat down and worked with it my feelings changed and I like it now.

In fact I can't think of a scheme I have used that I haven't grown to love.

Does familiarity breed love?

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Yet more red

I'm still working on my series of herringbone ropes for the red months in my Colour Challenge and have almost completed the red+ mixed colours version. It just needs its hidden clasp added.

I've now started to bead my all reds version and as soon as this one is done I'll be beading one in red and its complementary colour- green.

I began this red version planning to just use reds but found that you could nto see any distinction between them as the rope grew so I went back to the drawing board and added in pinks and red-violets so you could actually see some of the work I was putting in!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Still In The Red

After a busy halloween I'm back to beading and still working away on my latest herringbone rope.

This one is 3/4 of the way done and then just needs the hidden clasp added.

As soon as this one is done I'll be making one all in reds and then I hope to bead one in red and green- as long as I get the time!