Sunday, 10 May 2009

My Colour Challenge

I decided nearly two years ago to set my self a colour challenge but life and work took over and so the idea got shelved.
This weekend I have been thinking a lot about my work and my beadwork and decided that now is the time to get out of my rut and put some enjoyment back into my work. The way I plan to do this is to set myself this colour challenge:
Spent the next year working around the colour wheel and experiment with each of the three primary colours (red, yellow and blue) and the three secondary colours (orange, green and violet). I will give each one two months of my time and explore not just using the colour (by itself and in different colour schemes) but also the historical and social aspects of each one and see if that influences my work with it.

I will post here regularly giving updates on what I'm up to and also photos of my work so you can see where I am with it. Feel free to comment and also send me ideas and photos.

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