Monday, 11 May 2009

All about yellow

As well as exploring using yellow with my beadwork I also want to explore its social and historical background so here are some interesting article, links and facts associated with yellow:

History and all about yellow
Yellow on Wikipedia
All about the colour yellow

Reactions/ Meanings/ current thoughts
The meaning of yellow and pink t-shirts in Thailand

Colour Therapy
using yellow in colour therapy
Balancing the solar plexus

Research with yellow
Pale yellow and almond are the best colours for not irritating people and are perfect for a learning environment- from Dunn and Dunn research

Using yellow in design
Using yellow in knitting- how to use it. Very interesting article which looks at yellow on the colour wheel and in reality
Using yellow in interior design
How to use yellow in a children's play room
Using yellow in the garden

How to wear yellow- mainly in children's wear
How to wear yellow and orange- for women

Using yellow in beadwork/ jewellery
Someone else who doesn't usually use yellow!

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