Sunday, 17 May 2009

My yellow colour schemes in actual beads

After my post yesterday I thought you might like to see the colour schemes I talk about in actual beads so they make more sense!

Yellow and black
This I rejected right away as it was too bold and too much like a warning sign.

Yellow, black and gold
Still too alarming for my liking.

Yellow, black, gold and lavender
This is more to my liking but want to soften it further as just using the contrasts of yellows and violets is still a bit too strong for me. I want something that will calm down the black.

Yellow, black, gold, lavender, khaki and grey
Just right!
And here is the actual beadwork started


  1. I love the triangle beadwork!!! was it complicated to do? hayley x

  2. I'm really enjoying following your adventures with colour Jean. It's made me think too, although I would say that yellow is one of my favourite colours, even my work room is painted yellow, it's not a colour I use much in beadwork either - in fact I think the only time I have so far was my Primrose Pin. Great new blog!

    Kerrie :0)

  3. Fortunately the triangle shape is one I have beaded quite a bit already, though this new variation has taken a lot of figuring out to get it to physically work. You can see some of my others here