Monday, 1 June 2009

Playing with polymer clay - day 3- part 1

The 3rd day of polymer clay and still 2 more classes to go.

This morning's class was with Daniel Torres Mancera and was all about ways to use your scrap clay.

I had great fun and although what I made wasn't anything of great beauty I learnt a lot and wil definitely use the techniques again.

We began the day by gathering our scrap- fortunately I had loads from the previous 2 days.

I decided to use the scrap left over from my flower sheet as figured the colour had gone well together then.
I scrunched it into a sausage.

Then some more messing around with it then using slices of it to decorate a scrap base.

This is how it looked before it was baked.

Next up we learnt how to make a Natasha Bead- I decided to play around with mine.
The end result of the class was that I made 3 crazy beads from scrap.

They're not things of beauty as I said but I did learn a lot.
I think the techniques we learnt will be great tools for playing around with colour so I'm very happy.

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