Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Familiar Shape, New Colour Scheme

I am back working on a triangular piece at the moment whilst I ponder some recent beading experiments.

I love using black but unfortunately it doesn't always photograph too well- it's hard to show detail- but I couldn't resist a lot of black for this piece.

I very rarely use blue in my work- plain blue that is. I use teal, turquoise, aqua etc but rarely plain old "blue" so I thought I would try it in this piece.

Of course I can't cope with just plain old blue so I set out looking for a colour scheme which would incorporate it along with colours I do actually like!

I returned to an old favourite- the Colour Scheme Designer and chose an "analogic" scheme which gave me this (with a bit of tweeking of the boundaries from me of course)

I really liked the scheme and began this bangle back in December but when I returned to it today I felt there was something missing- typical me!

So, back to the scheme designer and this time I chose an "Accented Analogic" scheme and got this. I love the addition of the orange/ ywllow/ mustard (or gold which is what I will mainly use) and began using it right away.

Color by COLOURlovers