Thursday, 28 October 2010

Gaudi Colours

I am busy working on the project I will teach at my "Inspired by Gaudi" beading retreat in September 2011.

When deciding on a theme for the retreat Gaudi seemed an obvious choice because of the geometry of his work and his use of mosaic and colour.

I have decided to bead a geometric pendant which can be opened.

My colour inspiration came from this photo and I decided to use a strong orange (which was shiny) a blue (also shiny), black (once again, shiny) and yellow (yep, you guess it, shiny).

Now, I know from experience that too much shiny is not good for a project so I added in a matte orange to try and counteract all the shine.

Here you can see my first attempt using these colours:

Not good!
As I thought, all the shiny beads meant that the pattern and different colours were lost in the mix.

So next I moved onto using much more of the matte orange beads:

This was much more successful
This time at least you could see the structure and pattern much better and I was happier.

However, I felt that the colours looked a bit "muddy" and none of them stood out and "zinged" as I felt the colours did in the photo.

So I decided to add in white (more of a creamy-white as I felt white would be too hard):

I love this!

I think the oranges, yellow and blue stand out much more- even though there's far less of them.
It's amazing how the simple addition of another colour can completely alter the look of a piece.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Crystal Wheels

These beaded beads are definitely my new addiction!
I have been beading different coloured variations of them for a few months now but was limited by the colours I could get hold of.
But I recently found a new supplier of the crystals so have a whole new palette to play with!

My first choices of colours were this coral red, the lovely blue, silver, gold and copper

I mixed and matched them to come up with three different variatons using appropriately coloured seed beads:

I combined the coral red with gold and a dark gold seed bead for a rich, warm look

I paired the blue with the silver and dark grey seed beads to bring out the cold shine in all the colours

I also paired the blue with the copper and dark gold seed beads to change how the blue looks. In this variation I think the blue reflects the copper and gold and becomes much warmer. Wht do you think? Compare it with the blue in the picture above and let me know.

These will be launched as a kit very soon so sign up for my newsletter to find out when- and keep an eye out for any other colour variations I come up with!