Sunday, 10 May 2009

Useful resources

I plan to add to this list as the year goes on so keep coming back to see anything new

General colour sites
Some great colour websites are:
Colour Lovers
Margie Deeb
Suite 101 - just search for colour/ color to find a fantastic range of articles on colour
Fashion trendsetter/ Colour trends
Nita Leland's colour website
Nita leland's colour blog
Art stories with Julie Duell
Charley Parker's art blog
Maggie Maggio's colour tutorials
Maggio Maggio's colour blog

Some of the books I will be using along the way and recommend if you're interested in colour are:
Color Works
The Beader's Colour Palette
The Beader's Guide to Colour
Colors- what they mean and how to use them
Colourful World
Nita Leland's links page with lots of colour books listed
A dictionary of colour

Colours and their meanings
Rose colours and their meanings
Colour symbolism
Colour idioms
Colour meanings, symbolism and psychology

Patterns and mixing colours
Spring 2009 fashions and prints

Colour schemes
Colour Combos
Limited colour palettes
Colour schemes which pop
This online tool will create a blends of colours for you when you choose a starting and finishing colour
Online colour scheme generator
Evolution of a colour scheme
Polymer clay colour mixing and matching
Kris' colour stripes
Cool ready made polymer clay samples- I want these!
Colour Basics- dos and don'ts
Colour mixing with Sculpey

The meaning of colours in fashion
Colour matching for fashion

Red makes us more attentive vs blue which makes us more creative here and here
The creation of colour in the 18th century
All you could ever want to learn about colour!

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