Monday, 25 May 2009

Crystal Geodes

More beading today and despite the fact I should be getting on with my latest geometric piece I decided to bead something completely different.

I had the idea for these beaded beads over two years ago when I made my crystal charms and pendants- even though I played around with the idea at the time it's taken me this long to actually perfect the idea - I like to let ideas brew for a while sometimes!

They're easy to make and turn out nice and sparkly- I just need to turn them into finished pieces now and soon they'll appear as a project in a future issue of Bead.

You can see from the orange and yellow I used I'm still sticking to my colour challenge- I just didn't have enough yellow crystals in the size I needed to make them fully out fo those so instead added yellow in the form of some mustard yellow delicas.

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