Saturday, 6 June 2009

Khaki green

If someone asked you how to make khaki green what would be your guess?

Mine would never have been to mix violet and yellow- but that seems to work- well if my polymer clay experiments are anything to go by!

As I've been mixing clays to finish my bracelet and using the complemtary colours of yellow and violet it becomes apaprent that when mixed they make a khaki green (to my eyes- you may call it something different)

This may explain why the colour scheme I chose for my latest geometric piece works so well combining yellow and violet with khaki to tone it all down.

To work with this discovery I decided to play some more with mixing yellow and violet and make some simple, flat, clay beads.

I began by mixing piece of yellow, violet and black (which also makes green when a little is mixed in with yellow) and forming into a sausage to put in my clay extruder:

All extruded- and you can see the khaki already:

Joined into a rough shape and surrounded by more black:

Neatening up the block (I learnt a lot about making square canes by doing this!):

I decided to cut my beads at an angle for a different look:

The finished beads- to add to my pile of things waiting to be strung!

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