Thursday, 1 October 2009

Chilli Bead

A new beaded bead today- I'm loving making these at the moment!
I need to move onto red soon but I'm away and didn't realy pack any red beads with me so am sticking with orange instead.

The colour scheme for this one was inspired by a plant I saw on my recent trip to Arundel Castle.

I loved the mix of green red/ orange and purple and couldn't resist translating that into a simple colour scheme.

The original photo/ plant had more green in it but as I'm working with orange I upped the use of that colour instead.


  1. What a cool beaded bead! I like how you started with a photo as your color inspiration, but that you rearranged the color distribution for your final piece.

  2. Thank you- I'm working on another one playing up the purple which look svery different. They are gret fun to bead- work up nice and quickly!