Sunday, 11 October 2009

Beginning with reds

I have begun, finally, working in reds and realise that once again it's a colour I rarely use.

I did use it in a analogous scheme with my red embroidered cuff.

Then mixed with black and white for a more monochromatic scheme in Geometric 3-4-1.

I'm now working away on sets of interchangable beaded beads based on work in my Geometric Beadwork series and playing around with red.

I began with a mix of reds and decided that rather than use any colour "rules" I woudl just put in any other colours I felt like.

I wasn't happy at first as it was all a bit random and they didn't seem to go together at all.

But once I looked at what I had beaded it soon became apparent that there were two groups.

The first used darker beads so I took these off and put them onto a metal chain.

The second used brighter colours and it's now this group that I'm working on to make lots more.

I'm hoping that just playing around with reds will teach me a lot about what works with it and what doesn't.
Check back to see if my plan works!

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