Friday, 26 February 2010

Colour In Paris

A quick trip to Paris where just like my previous trips (here, here and here) I find lots of colour inspiration.
A walk through the city brings me upon a statue (I'm not sure if it had a purpose) in emerald green.
The green got lighter towards the bottom and it stood out as an unusual colour to use.

Later in the day we visited Montmarte and on the way found the most amazing lighting shop.
They only sold one type of light-shade- but it was enough!

They were simple balls which fitted over strings of lights and you could buy them already made in colour themes of mix and match to make your perfect combination.

It ws the most mesmerising sight to come across- and we weren't the only ones who found it so. The shop ws a magnet for people to stop and look at the colours.

Unfortunately we were travelling light but there's always another time...

The next day we came across these wonderful mosaic on the metro- very inspiring.

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