Saturday, 21 November 2009

Black And White

I love the combination of black and white mixed with a strong colour and the addition of red is one I have used before.

Whilst away in New York I don't have access to all of my bead stash- only what I have bought since arriving here but a quick visit to a craft shops arms me with a crochet hook and some thread so bead crochet it is then!

I bought these striped beads (one of my favourites in the world) and the red ones meaning to bead some kind of spiral with them so that the red beads could stick out and spiral around- and bead crochet fits the bill.

These bracelets are quick to make- maybe 90 minutes start to finish? And are ideal to bead in front of the TV as once you've strung all the beads on it's simply a matter of crocheting.

The first one I beaded:

I then made a smaller scale piece to match:

Lastly one with green beads:

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