Friday, 22 July 2011

Colour in Copenhagen

I as fortunate enough to spend a couple of days in Copenhagen and here are some of the colourful things I saw:

Colourful ceramics for sale

Colourful ceramics in a shop window

More ceramics and jewellery in a shop window

A skull beaded curtain!

Striped chairs in a shop window

A rack of spotty dresses for sale

Even more ceramics

Window display of scarves and jewellery

Cushions and boxes

Scarves and boxes

A pile of cushions

Slippers, scarves and cushions

A swan adorned bench and colourful luggage

Walking up these dark graffiti covered stairs led you to this lovely art gallery

Artwork on display in the gallery

Colourful buildings by the canal


  1. wow, what GREAT photos, Jean!

  2. Thank you- it was a great town to walk around and there was so much colour to see