Friday, 24 June 2011

Colour animations

I love stop-motion films and since coming across this site - We Love Stop Motion - I have an endless supply to watch.
Many of them show great uses of colour and here are some examples:

This advertising film, not in English, all about ceramic tiles. Great use of colour and the language barrier doesn't stop it from being educational.

Time-lapse painting

Organising a book shelf- the colour fun in this is great

Nils Inne Playground from jeremy hugues on Vimeo.

Nils Inne Playground by Jeremy Hugues

Mushroom Tea by Max Martin

How much does this one make you want to play with paint?

Happy New Year 2011 Candy Stopmotion Animation from Joonas Utti on Vimeo.

Fun and colourful firework

There are may more films to watch but these were the most colourful ones I found today to share with you

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