Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bit Of A Catch-Up

Ooops where did the time go?!?!?

Life and time rushed by and I hadn't realised it had been such a long time since I last posted here. Unfortunately that also means I hadn't got much beading done.

Well, I did make one lovely set of bangles but as they weren't in red (which I'm meant to be using) I didn't mention them.

But I'm back and finishing off using red- and my last project is my 3rd in my red series of what I'm currently calling my "Stunning, secret samplers"

This last one is red and green which is not my favouite colour combination but by mixing up the reds and greens I used, rather than just sticking to the "Christmas versions" I really like the finished result. Unfortunately I left my fully red version in the office ao you can't see it here but as soon as I get a chance I'll photograph them all together

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