Saturday, 26 September 2009

Onye 4

Well- she's all beaded now and I'm delighted with her.

This was a real lesson in perseverence as well as actually being sensible and think about what you're beading before you go down the wrong path- I would have saved myself a lot of unnecessary beading and chopping if I'd done that first.

I am really pleased with the way the colours worked out. That was my first hurdle as I wanted the piece to look green (a monochromatic scheme) but found that all of the greens I put with it just weren't the right one.
They were too blue, too yellow or even just too bright.
Eventually I settled on... gold

Ok, they're not completely gold but when looked at away from the beadwork they're definitely more a greenish-gold than a goldish-green. A lot more gold than they look in this first picture.

In this second picture you can see that whilst there is green in there they're definitely more gold- and there's lots of red and blues too.

But in the finished piece they look green- which works for me!


  1. So fabulous! I still get a kick out of this being named after me. I better get my collection together and start practicing before I get those instructions. It'll probably be the first thing I bead in my new apartment.

  2. My next one will be with buttons- so don't feel limited to crystals!

  3. Jean

    love this piece, the colours are just fab. Are you going to be realising a pattern at all?


  4. Gill- the version of this using just 7 of the same sized crystals will be in issue 19 of Bead Magazine: which is due out 18th November.

    You can see what will be the project here:

  5. Onye- I meant to say your nam was in my mind continually whilst beading this- especially after I cut it up for the 5th time!